Baby Wolf is a community based and community focused token on the Binance Smartchain. The focus will be on getting the coin out there and giving back to the community as soon as we are able to. This will be done through a BMW lottery, community giveaways, merch drops and more. BabyMoonWolf employs an automatic liquidity pool algorithm (AutoLP) in its token contract. The network collects 2% from each transaction, whether the order is buy or sell and adds it to the LP. The intended goal is to minimize price movements when large wallets decide to sell their tokens in the future, which when compared to coins without an AutoLP system, leads to reduction in significant price fluctuations. Security – Contract renouncement BabyMoonWolf has renounced their contract, the transaction for this can be found here: acb8c11f5255516a781ac365a8b883#eventlog Security – Liquidity pool The Liquidity pool is divided up in 2 parts (the launch liquidity pool and the pool added later), the initial pool has been burned: 18ae6a0d3e48baa6cff720ad40e702 The second part is currently locked for 6 months and will be locked for longer before that time comes: id=0&add=0xc20B522965209Fb1DF38Ea7fA5efA382fC552720&type=l plock&chain=BSC As we are a community based token we have a lot of plans to give back to the community. This will come in many ways from smaller giveaways during promotion sessions on our social media platforms to even a giveaway with multiple BMW’s for the people supporting our cause by donating to the liquidity pool.

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General infos
Token name : Baby Moon Wolf
Token Symbol : BABYWOLF
Contract address : 0x5b5a3a45002736413613b8a4c46cc0d9d1d6f4ae
Website :
Market Cap. : 1,126,184.61
Launched date : 2021-06-18

Social network
Telegram   :
Twitter       : Https://
Instagram :