Dogecoin 2.0

The mission of the company is to build the world’s premier decentralized financial ecosystem that integrates both centralized and decentralized blockchain exchange mechanisms, blockchain-based payment systems, blockchain smart contracts, crypto asset staking and or banking, crypto gaming, a social media platform, a digital marketplace, and other blockchain and non-blockchain related technologies including hardware products Each transaction is “taxed” at 10%, 5% of which is distributed to all Dogecoin 2.0 holders. The other 5% is divided in half. The first half is sold into BNB. The second half remains as Dogecoin 2.0 tokens, and they are attached to the BNB tokens that were sold by the contract as an underlying liquidity pair We are building our wallet and we got blockchain node tested and confirmed. Launch of them is soon. White paper Telegram link

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General infos
Token name : Dogecoin 2.0
Token Symbol : Doge2
Contract address : 0x3780e00d4c60887af38345ccd44f7617dbfb10a0
Website :
Market Cap. : 5600000
Launched date : 2021-05-02

Social network
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