Dogggo is a token on bsc that wants to be part of the memecoins landscape, taking the concept to extremes. Dogggo is born from the anger caused by the lack of recognition of coins with many years of development compared with others without fundamentals, in particular Shiba. Then one night we decided to found our own shitcoin, trying to lower the quality level of the project as much as possible to express our disappointment. In fact the design of Dogggo was conceived with paint and mouse, the name Dogggo has “ggg” inside because the domain with “gg” was already obtained. however, approaching the project with this spirit, we gradually realized that we had created something that people like. in fact our telegram channel in a very short time was populated with an incredible number of Dogggo memes. Our expectation is to make Dogggo the most popular memecoin in the world.

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General infos
Token name : DOGGGO
Token Symbol : DOGGGO _
Contract address : 0x857dd3b493c49a8b060faf227d2b901e72621293
Website :
Market Cap. : 700'000
Launched date : 2021-08-01

Social network
Telegram   :
Twitter       :
Instagram :