We are community based token. We stand for the little guy. We are working with nonprofits to provide financial tools/education for low income and underemphasized communities through token sales. We want to make available financial education so we become more knowledgeable and can fight against the hedgies. We are branding our name to support better professionalism this Sunday.

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General infos
Token name : Fuck Them Heggies
Token Symbol : FTHT
Contract address : Contract address: 0x6aC93844D9478eF7739624E2eDFD54494B0FDd72
Website : https://fthemheggies.com/index.html
Market Cap. : 13,655
Launched date : 2021-06-18

Social network
Telegram   : https://t.me/fthemheggiestoken
Twitter       : https://fthemheggies.com/@themtoken
Instagram :