HOLD $MONKEY, EARN BNB. 12% BNB REFLECTIONS EVERY 30 MINS! The best successful fork of the tiki token, we present the largest BNB mirror “Monkey Token” and the only one with an automatic claim function that pays 12% to holders. Just keep the $MONKEY tokens in your wallet and you will get BNB. MONKEY from now on ($MONKEY) is a decentralized token created and thought by holders, it works as an independent liquidity generation protocol and frictionless autonomous yield farming. The MONKEY token is one of the first fork of the tiki token successfully launched on the binance smart chain, which has unique features of daily rewards in BNB for holders for having the token stored in their wallets. The monkey project aims to decentralize finances in all sanctuaries, volunteers and monkey shelters around the world, thus generating an adoption of blockchain technology as support and help to safeguard primate life. This way we make sure that the token is always being bought and sold at all times, which means an increase in transactions in the monkey ecosystem in order to constantly generate BNB for holders. With the innovative monkey project, a constant flow of BUY/SELL of the token is guaranteed so that holders can receive their passive BNB earnings without doing anything.MONKEY Token is a project created and inspired by the tiki token

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General infos
Token name : MONKEY
Token Symbol : MONKEY
Contract address : 0x44B1b88Fd4D0c101FE9ebCc07B7315511533822b
Website : https://monkeytoken.finance
Market Cap. :
Launched date : 2021-07-18

Social network
Telegram   : https://t.me/monkeyfinance_official
Twitter       : https://twitter.com/RealMonkeyToken
Instagram :